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Realestate website design

There is no doubt that the field of real estate is one of profitable business in the market, but will require a lot of things such as a presentation of the Real estate for customers in a distinctive way, spreading & advertising on an ongoing basis, and that is why we provide designs for real estates websites To facilitate to real estates owners to opening a new market Through the internet. Providing necessary technology today to reach to potential customer Or if the customer decide to search on the Internet, you will gain an opportunity to Displaying your property and advertising it. We've designed websites of Real estates including Latest technologies such as (HTML-CSS) with existence of Strong templates compatible with computers and smart devices So as to be compatible with the vision of the real estates owner and finally we will marketing for website on the internet through search engine optimization and advertising paid, which help to achieve its benefits & competing other real estates owners.

Website Features


Mobile Apps

Social Networks

Strong Security

Easy Control Panel

Photo Gallery

Direct Contact With Owner

Advanced Search

Define Building Location

How to get benefit from establishing a realestate website?

  • Advertising & displaying for real estates without using expensive newspapers.
  • knowing your customer what do you have of new real estates.
  • The rapid expansion and opening new markets for selling and renting real estates.
  • Allow customers to send enquiries all day 24 hours.
  • Given the company credibility to its clients and to provide services differ from the rest of competitors.
  • Obtaining your customer's opinion on real estate more clearly and without shame.

Realestate website features

  • Many ways to support shipping by regions.
  • Automatic or fixed price for shipping account.
  • The ability to make more one of design and change with them.
  • Product evaluation and customer feedback system.
  • Compare products system.
  • Support mobile applications.
  • Choose your domain name.
  • Strong management and control of the content of website & real estate photos.
  • Unlimited of main classifications and sub pages.
  • Add statistics for your visitors so that it could be possible to know your customers.
  • Add email address with the name of your website and your company, so you can address potential customers.
  • website maintenance permanently with strong protection .
  • The site is compatible with computers and devices (smart mobile,Tablet & PC).
  • facilitate communication on social networks such as Facebook & Twitter.
  • Marketing real estate website through search engines optimization.
  • Marketing real estate website through advertisements paid.
  • Marketing real estate website through advertisements paid.

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