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there is no doubt that the Internet is now represents for many most of their lives they spend time on social networks, or browse the favorite sites in home or labor or even in the way it is , therefore the person who want establishing a project should improving his use of the Internet and has a knowledge with all that is new and we have found as a company Techno vision that one of the most successful projects on the Internet are online classified ads, where it is easy for seller the Declaration as well as the presence of a lot of users who are, in fact the agents targeted to the sellers, therefore we design script Classifieds , specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and the new ideas to open his private project.

Website Features


Mobile Friendly

Social Networks

Strong Security

Easy Control Panel

Easy Editing Style

Easy Browsing

Quick Ads Search

Organized Divisions

How to benefit as entrepreneur from classified website design !

  • A yield and profit from the Internet for the owners of those sites to add distinctive ads
  • revenue, profit for owners of those sites by adding declarations & ads.
  • alittle costing for entrepreneurs.
  • a wide database you can use as a entrepreneur in other business.
  • Take advantage of the system of mass advertising, Google adsense & ads from other sites & affiliate marketing.
  • The possibility of classified ads free or paid accroding to his famous site.
  • variety sections to attract all segments of society.
  • Service to send e-mails to all of the members of your site for a sum of money to each message.
  • The work of the annual contributions to companies and the members.
  • The possibility of opening new markets without limits the country and language
  • The possibility of full control and respond to the views of your customers 24 hours.

Advantages Classifieds Web Design !

  • Choose your domain name.
  • Strong management and control of the content of website & photos.
  • A number of key classifications and sub pages.
  • Add email address with the name of your website and your company, so you can receive inquiries from customers.
  • Website maintenance permanently with strong protection of the website.
  • The site is compatible with computers and devices (smart mobile and Tablet PC).
  • facilitate communication on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add Google map to website.
  • Marketing classifieds website through search engines optimization.
  • Marketing classifieds website through advertisements paid.
  • Marketing classifieds website through added in business signs on the internet.
  • Slide show to show photos for presentations and declarations and banners.
  • memberships for companies and business.

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